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My name is Kate Husted.  I'm a plant person, clinical herbalist, writer, teacher, and founder of an herbal free clinic.  


Herbal medicine is the relationship between humans and plants.  I'm here to help you remember, nurture, and deepen that relationship. 


This is an educational space, here to give you practical tools and perspective for engaging with the sacred, healing your relationship with the natural world, clarifying your place in it, and aligning with your purpose.

I live and work in the high desert foothills of the San Juan Mountains, Southwest Colorado, the ancestral home of the Caputa and Weenuchiu (Southern Ute) people.  


The societal and economic structures that separate us from our place in nature, and enforce inequity, are the roots of many of our illnesses.  None of us can be truly healthy in this environment of white supremacy, patriarchy, ableism, homophobia, fatphobia, etc.   

I believe we can unravel the systemic harms we do to each other and this Earth, and re-weave the threads on a path of healing and repair.  If you want this too, then the courses, consultations, and plant medicine offered here are for you.

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In addition to teaching online and in person, I spend most of my clinical time at Construyendo Poderwhere we provide free  alternative medicine to underserved people in my rural county.  Plant medicine is for everyone who wants it.  Supporting this business helps me bring healthcare to people who have no access to it.


In addition, I tithe 10% of the proceeds made in this business to work towards land back, reparations, and abolishment.  


All of the plants I work with for medicine-making are organically and responsibly grown, or ethically wildcrafted.  I use recycled and re-used materials in packaging and shipping.  


I’m committed to equity and environmental integrity in my business and my personal life.  I’m imperfect at this, and always working to do better.


I got my BA in Environmental Studies/Biology from UC Santa Cruz. I soaked up as much plant education as I could, taking courses in Botany, Plant Physiology, Plant Ecology, Natural History, Agroecology, Ethnobotany, and Organic Chemistry.  I worked on a series of small farms before running my own market garden, goat dairy, and animal husbandry operation for 6 years.  When I learned there was a local herbalist teaching classes, I was hungry to move beyond observing plants and memorizing their latin names, to learning how to work with, interact, and be in relationship with them.  I studied with Anna-Marija Helt Ph.D. in a three year one-on-one mentorship.  I was also an apprentice and employee of clinical herbalist Debra Swanson of Dancing Willow Herbs.  I continued my studies under local herbalist Zita Xavier, and co-taught classes with her for two years.  I've completed distance coursework with the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism, The School of Evolutionary Herbalism, Learning Herbs, and clinical herbalists Kirsten Hale and Asia Suler.  In 2018 I began studying Health At Every Size®, Attuned Eating, and Body Trust® with Hilary Kinavey MS, LPC and Dana Sturtevant MS, RD of Be Nourished.  I also completed their "Promoting Body Trust In Your Work" course for healthcare professionals.  I've been seeing clients for about 8 years.



Podcast Interviews:

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