During our session, we'll talk about how you're currently doing, and what you'd like to change.  


Unlike a typical Doctor's office, where interviews are mostly concerned with a person's symptoms, and treatments strive to alleviate them, I work to address problems at their root cause.  I believe that the bigger picture of our lives influences our health and wellbeing, and I want to get to know you as a whole person, not just a collection of symptoms.  So I'll ask about the many aspects of your life, including stress, environment, relationships, health, play, and rest.  


This is your time to speak freely and be truly heard without judgement.  I work in an educational capacity, it's my goal to give you information so you can make informed choices.  I'll suggest any plants I think might be helpful to you, and prepare any herbal remedies you ask for.

Consults take place on Zoom or over the phone.  I'll mail any herbs you might need after our conversation.

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To schedule an appointment, email me at katehustedherbalist@gmail.com.  Consult prices don't include the cost of herbs.  I request payment via PayPal or Venmo ahead of time, and the cost of any herbs I prepare for you will be billed separately once I've put them in the mail.


1/2 hour consult


This option is great if you have a concern you believe can be resolved quickly, you want to pick my brain or ask my advice about something, or if your budget is limited and you're eager to get started with herbs.


1-1.5 hour initial consult

.5 - 1 hour follow-up 


This is the most commonly booked option.  This allows me to get to know your personal situation and constitution, and customize an herbal plan to fit your unique needs.  Follow-ups take place about a month after our initial meeting, and allow us to discuss what's working, what isn't, and adjust your plan as needed.  This is also a great option for preventative care and overall health promotion.


3 monthly 1-1.5 hour consults

Two email check-ins in between consults


This is a great option for those with long-term, chronic, and more serious conditions (including hormonal issues, auto-immune challenges, long-standing mental health struggles, etc.).  This gives us the space to make adjustments and observe changes over time.  Long-term patterns can often require more time to re-route, and this package is perfect for those situations.

To schedule a consult or purchase a package, e-mail 


Not sure which package is right for you?  Email me!

I respond within 2 business days.

Still have questions?  Read my answers to these common questions and concerns.





After your questions have been answered via email, and you're ready to purchase a package:

- We'll schedule you're initial consult

- I'll send you an invoice or payment request via PayPal or Venmo.  I'll also send you an Informed Consent form to sign and return to me before your appointment.

- Once your payment is received, your appointment is confirmed (please see my cancellation policy below)

- During our first session, we'll discuss any herbs you might want me to send you.  We'll also schedule any future consults if applicable.

- I'll mail any herbs we discussed to you, and bill you for the cost of those herbs once I've put them in the mail.


If you notify me that you need to cancel an appointment 24 hours in advance, you can either request a refund, or we can reschedule your appointment and apply your payment to the rescheduled time.

 I don't offer refunds for no-shows, or appointments that weren't canceled more than 24 hours in advance.  


I'm a clinical herbalist, not a medical doctor.  I don't diagnose, prescribe, or treat illnesses.  I don't give medical advice.  I'm here in an educational capacity, to help you make the best informed decisions for yourself.  I'm not here to heal you, only you can heal you.  I'm here to guide you into relationship with plants, and facilitate your own healing of yourself.  All decisions you make regarding your own health are always yours and your alone.


“Kate is incredibly knowledgeable, compassionate, and helpful.  Just interacting with her  was wonderful. I appreciated her direct and inquisitive questions, which made me feel seen and heard.”

-Sandhya Tilotson


“I learned a lot about myself and my beliefs.  I’m more aware of my process, and I’m challenging my limiting thoughts.  I realized I actually like to move my body more.  I would definitely recommend this to a friend.”

-Sandy Thomson

"Thank you so much for all your help.  Mixing the right herbs for my wrist and tendon problem has really helped."

- Connie L.