Common Concerns / Questions

Do herbs really work?

I've been practicing clinical herbalism for about 7 years and sometimes I'm still caught off guard by how well they work.  It doesn't necessarily happen like magic every time.  Sometimes changes are more subtle and take longer.  Sometimes I need to experiment for a while with a client to match them with the right plant(s).  Plant medicine is just one strategy for healing, and results are often best when we approach healing from multiple angles.  For example, taking herbs, getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, meditating, practicing joyful movement, cultivating a support network, leaving unhealthy relationships or jobs are all examples of strategies one might try on their healing journey.  

Rebecca Altman, an herbalist I admire, put it well.  "Examples of herbs that work that everybody knows about: coffee, cannabis, hemlock."

Is this worth the money?

How much is a night of good sleep worth to you?  A month of good nights?  How about bringing your overall stress level from an 8 down to a 4?  Bringing your pain level from an 8 down to a 4?  Being able to properly digest and enjoy your food? Having the energy to start that business, or write that book?  

Will my partner support me spending this money?

Relationships are better when the participants are taking care of themselves as individuals, and when they're less stressed out.  You can tell your partner that you're seeing an herbalist because you want to be having more sex ; )

What will I do about child care?

Kids are welcome at both house calls and distance consultations.  That said, it's ideal if we can give you a little break from your offspring.  We all know how distracting kids can be, so no one is going to judge you if you need to use YouTube as a baby-sitter while you step into the next room.

Am I going to be made to feel guilty for my health choices?

Absolutely not.  No judgement here.  If you're alive, whatever coping mechanisms you've used / are using have gotten you this far, and that deserves respect.  We'll only work on dropping specific habits if you bring it up and express a desire for change.

Do I really have the time / energy for this?  Are there going to be unrealistic expectations about what I can do, or homework assignments?

I know how unappealing adding extra things to your list can be.  I don't expect you to be simmering bone broth on the stove all day (unless you want to). We can start with strategies that take as little as three minutes a day.  Simply signing yourself up for a consult is a huge act of self care, and that's a big step towards healing all by itself!  I will meet you wherever you are, and take my cues from you as far as what you're ready to try.

I'm not into "woo woo" stuff.  Is this "woo woo?"


Fellow herbalist Asia Suler taught me that the word "woo" has a Chinese origin, "wu," which means "female doctor, healer, shaman."  Regardless of whether you're into woo, I'll take my cues from you on this matter.  We can get as woo or as scientific as you like.

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