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Just some casual chaos...

What a wild time to be alive, no?

If you’re feeling unmoored by political disaster, or other upheavals in your life, you’re in good company. The astrologers are telling us that there’s something going on with Uranus and Mars right now (forgive me, not an astrologer!) that is predisposing us to both conflict and sudden change. Guess which day these two planets go conjunct? January 21st, the day after Inauguration Day in the US. (Thanks Karrie Myers Taylor, my new favorite astrologer, for the heads up).

Whether or not astrology is your thing, I consider it a safe bet that it’s time to keep our seatbelts buckled.

It would be easy, with this in mind, to want to run around screaming “The sky is falling!” To let our thoughts spiral with predictions and worries and dooming and glooming. But you’re too cool for that, dear reader.

You’ve had your world turned upside down before. Maybe your world is even at this very moment crashing all around you. Yet you’re here. You’ve been forged (or are being forged) in the flames of chaos, and at the other end of that process is well-tempered steel.

Think back to the person who was you in January 2020. How are they different from who you are today? What have you learned about resilience? What skills have helped you survive and grow? What have you been able to let go of? What has revealed itself to be most important?

Looking forward, how are you more capable than ever of facing what comes and doing impossible things? How can you continue to resource yourself? What tools do you have that help you stay grounded, and in alignment with your purpose?

My personal toolbox includes:

What's on your list?

With the death of old ways comes space for new, and we are being charged with remaking. Ashes are fertile. What do you feel called to create? What world would you like to weave? What legacy would you like to leave?

Welcome to the age of Aquarius. It's time for justice, reparations, land back, reconnection, and reweaving ourselves into the fabric of life on Earth.

We can do this. So let's get our toolboxes in order.

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