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New Beginnings + Rune Readings

The Earth is rotating on its axis (surprise!), and right now in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s carrying us very close to the festival of Imbolc. Imbolc marks the midpoint between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, celebrated on February 1st or 2nd. In some places and in some years, it might mark the appearance of the very first new green shoot of spring. For me personally, and many others, winter’s embrace is still very much holding us, and we won’t be seeing new green growth for quite some time. Nevertheless, I always seem to sense a shift this time of year. The beginnings of a stirring, after a long slumber. My energy is returning after a restful winter, and I feel like starting something new.

(If you’d like to learn more about Imbolc and hear some ideas for how to celebrate, I wrote this article about it last year).

One of the fruits of my winter dreaming has been the practice of reading runes. Rune divination is an ancient Norse art, one that I’ve been learning and beginning to carry forward. About a month or so ago I put a call out on Instagram for people to send me their burning questions, so I could read their runes for free. The response was immediate and abundant, and I’ve spent the last handful of weeks receiving guidance from The Otherworld on their behalf. It’s been more fun, more fulfilling, and more magical than I could have guessed. Here’s what some recipients have said:

"I am stunned. As I read your words I found myself feeling yes, yes, yes. It will take me days to absorb this fully as I re-read over and over. I appreciate the time you have invested in my questions. This has and will impact me more than I thought possible." -Brook

"Wow. The runes really speak with you. I think your interpretation is spot on. I really appreciate the questions you posed. I feel inspired! I know I will be thinking about this for a while." -Becky

This Imbolc I’ve decided that I want more rune reading in my life. I’m letting this little seed germinate and find the light. If you have questions about life, career, relationship, health, etc., and feel like you could use a little guidance from the divine, your ancestors, your spirit guides, your angels, whatever you like to call the benevolent energy that’s on your side and the source of your intuition, submit an inquiry! Unfortunately I don’t have the space in my life to continue offering readings for free, so I’ve created this system for signing up by donation. I’m still learning, I’m by no means a professional reader with years of experience. I do know that my offerings are resonating with and helping people. I’ve heard the call of my guides to share this experience more widely.

Rune Readings: Learn More

Are you feeling a subtle shift in your energy level, motivation, inspiration? Are you feeling ready to begin bringing a vision into reality? What seeds are you looking forward to germinating this year?


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