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The Day I Met The Bone Keeper...

Plant communication
Baby me with Oregon grape

Back when I was a baby student herbalist, my teacher gave me the assignment to do nothing but sit quietly with a plant and listen. I chose to sit with Oregon Grape, Mahonia repens, an abundant low-lying plant of the forest floor where I live. I had never deliberately tried to communicate with a plant before (though once I got more practice I realized I’d been doing it unknowingly). I think I expected to gain some kind of insight about the medicinal properties of Mahonia, but instead my mind was filled with images of all the animal bones that lay buried in the soil where I was sitting. I got a vivid sense of the root systems borrowing nutrients and energy from these bones, and I was filled with a visceral understanding that waste becomes food, death begets life.

Then into my mind’s eye shuffled a dark old woman, only a shadowy silhouette, who was collecting and organizing and rearranging the bones. She was tending to them. She was a Bone Keeper.

Talking with plants is full of surprises to say the least, we never know what we might learn. To this day when I visit that part of the forest I leave a little gift for The Bone Keeper.

If you’re curious about talking with plants, my course “Plant Communication: Connecting With The Botanical World” is here for you. This course will help you get over any feelings of doubt or silliness you might feel, guide you through plugging in to your intuition, and let the plants be your greatest teachers.

What People Are Saying About Plant Communication

From my former teacher (and Plant Communication student),

Clinical Herbalist Zita Xavier:

"Kate has developed this straight-forward, take the woo woo out of it, simple and effective course which can help anyone deepen their relationship with plants. I think it is critical in these times of GREAT change, that we re-open the door to this basic human skill. More than ever, we need access to the support, medicine, and guidance that is ALWAYS available to us from the Natural world. I really hope you'll open this door. There is great benefit awaiting you."

From Plant Communication student, Izzy Bonecutter:

"As I sit with each plant that I feel called to be in relationship with, I utilize the plant communication skills that I developed in the course. While the plants speak to me and share their wisdom, I create poems around their teachings. It is my intention to collect these pieces of work and to design a book of poetry."

Plant communication

The course contains

  • 45 minutes of instructional videos, spread out over 4 lessons

  • 4 prompts for practical experiences with the plants

  • 3 audio stories that illustrate what you're learning

  • 1 guided meditation for connecting with plants

  • The opportunity to get your questions answered in the comments

  • PDF transcripts of all audio and video recordings

All 4 Lessons become available at once, and you're free to complete them on your own time.

This is the last time I'll be reminding you about this course until next year, so if you've been thinking about joining us in the course portal, now is a great time.

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