Through the Looking Glass

How are you holding up?

If you've been feeling exhausted lately, you're not alone. It's more work than we realize, processing the enormity of what's going on, adapting constantly to changing circumstances, grieving our losses. It's invisible work. It's not the type we usually "count" or reward or feel good about accomplishing, but it's real work and we're all doing it right now.

Be gentle with yourself. You're doing enough. You are enough.

It's one thing to read those words, or to say them, and it's another to know their truth in your bones. We absorb the cultural notion that our value is conditional, that we need to earn our place here with accomplishments.

Remember, it's an absolute freaking miracle that you're taking breaths right now. All the cosmos and all the elements of the periodic table had to align just right and work some serious magic for this to happen. Every human and non-human ancestor, every relationship of gravity and mass, trillions of near-misses, aligned in a perfect dance and brought you here. How could you possibly not be enough? You're no less than miraculous.

Take your time, and if you're able, let yourself rest. If you're tired, your body is asking you for it, and your body is so wise.

This pandemic is acting as a mirror for us. We've been thrust through the looking glass, everything has changed. We're forced to examine our systems, to see ourselves in new light. What former ways of being have revealed themselves to be ridiculous? In the larger world, in your life, inside your self? What about recent changes might be working better for you?

When the time comes to begin rebuilding our lives and our world, what will we cherish, and what will we let fall away? What could we make anew?

In the meantime, we're here in the in-between. Liminal space is disorienting, and incredibly fertile. For some of us, former lives are disintegrating before our eyes. The next life is coming, and even though it may not feel like it, it's nothing but possibility and potential. Simply by being still in the liminal space, you invite and lay the foundation for new realities.

Listening, and paying attention, is how we get the Earth's advice. As we move forward, making decisions about who we will be, let us be more cooperative, more resilient, more attuned.

My course "Plant Communication: Connecting with the Botanical World," is officially here. All the course materials are available and waiting to be devoured. If you feel called to listen more deeply right now, this is for you.

This mini-course is a step-by-step guide to deepening your relationship with the plant world. During this experience the plants will be your greatest teachers, and the course is here to guide you into connection with them. Here, you'll

  • develop your intuition

  • learn to hear the messages plants are offering you

  • gain insight and clarity in your interactions with plants

  • cultivate your connection to the place you live

Plant communication is a meditative practice. If you feel called to listen more deeply to the natural world, to look to nature to be your guiding star, or if you just love plants, this class is for you.

Lesson 1: Giving

Lesson 2: Listening

Lesson 3: Asking

Lesson 4: Spirit

The course contains:

  • 45 minutes of instructional videos, spread out over 4 lessons

  • 4 prompts from practical experiences with the plants

  • 3 audio stories that illustrate what you're learning

  • 1 guided meditation for connecting with plants

  • The opportunity to get your questions answered in the comments

  • PDF transcripts of all audio and video recordings

All 4 Lessons are available as soon as you enroll, and you're free to complete them on your own time. And it's pretty affordable.

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