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When In Doubt: Connecting With Your Authentic Self


Have you experienced more than your usual dose of doubt lately?  You’ve been hit with some world-shaking circumstances, and learned that you can’t always count on the things you thought you could.  There’s so much uncertainty about the future, and that makes making decisions really hard.  Raise your hand if in the last few weeks you’ve found yourself struggling to decide about things big and small, from what to eat next, to whether to send your kid to school, to big career moves.  [My hand is raised].

In my last newsletter I promised I would talk about how to be discerning, get in touch with the core of your being, and consult your authentic self.  When the way is clouded in smoke, when literally anything could happen next, all the conflicting noise of the media and opinions of family members can be paralyzing.  

When I'm hesitating, I’m really grateful for my practice of consulting my body.  Once I can feel where my body is guiding me, the back-and-forth of uncertainty stops.  The way is unveiled, and I never find myself regretting or second-guessing my decisions after that.  I’m able to step forward.

Exercise For Consulting Your Root

When I’m struggling to make a specific decision, I find that my root is a wonderful source of inner wisdom.  I like to imagine a network of roots that originate in my pelvis, and spread downward past the bottoms of my feet and into the Earth.  I visualize these roots anchoring and grounding me to my source, and I imagine nutrients and energy flowing up from the Earth and into me.

I might do a few deep squats, pelvic stretches, or some simple tilting of my pelvis this way and that, to bring my awareness to this area.  Once I feel tapped in, I like to use a technique I learned from fellow herbalist Asia Suler.  I recite two opposing statements, one by one.  Each statement begins with the word "Truth."  For instance, "Truth: I should accept this job offer and work in this new place," and "Truth: I should not accept this job offer and continue on my current path." I notice if one statement produces a physical sensation of tension or constriction.  I notice if one statement produces a greater sense of warmth, ease, expansiveness, or flow.  I might repeat the two statements as necessary, until I’m clear on what my physical sensations are telling me.  

When my body has provided a clear answer, that agonizing feeling of indecision dissipates.  It doesn’t always mean the way forward is easy, and sometimes my body may not tell me what my mind wants to hear.  Nevertheless, I always feel a sense of resolve and confidence after doing this exercise.

In my upcoming online mini-course, Herbs For Boundaries and Protection, we’ll explore the energetic root in much more depth, and learn about its connection to our personal power and sense of safety. 

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