Have a burning question about life, career, relationship, health, etc?

Feel like you could use a little guidance?

My Norse ancestors practiced rune divination, a tradition and art that I'm learning and beginning to carry forward.

In Norse cosmology there are 9 worlds, which all reside within Yggdrasil, The World Tree.  I offer Yggdrasil readings,

meaning I call in the council of your spirit guides, and then pull a rune for each of the 9 worlds.  

This allows us to look at an issue holistically, and gain insight about how to proceed.

"I am stunned. As I read your words I found myself feeling yes, yes, yes. It will take me days to absorb this fully as I re-read over and over. I appreciate the time you have invested in my questions. This has and will impact me more than I thought possible."  


I offer these readings over email, by donation.

To sign up:


You choose a donation amount that you feel is a fair exchange.  

Know that I spend an average of an hour and a half on each reading.

Ask yourself, What is this reading worth to me?

The specific time you choose isn't important (you don't actually need to be free during that time). Scheduling a reading means you can expect your reading results to be emailed to you before midnight on the date you sign up for.

Note: Make your PayPal donation before the time of your reading. Once I receive both your appointment time and your donation, your reading is on.

"Wow.  The runes really speak with you.  I think your interpretation is spot on.  I really appreciate the questions you posed.  I feel inspired!  I know I will be thinking about this for a while."  


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